Leggero : the Italian glutenfree restaurant in London

Leggero means "light"!

We aim to give everybody the freedom to enjoy beautiful recipes no matter diet requirements!

Leggero is the only Italian gluten-free restaurant in London.

Our fresh glutenfree pasta is made using  organic flours,  is state of art in terms of texture, flavour and ingredients!

Our chefs mix innovative ingredients, using their expertise to twist traditional recipes into original dishes with a unique Italian personal touch.

If you are looking for  the best fresh pasta in London, this is the right place!

We promote healthiness, tastiness, lightness and sustainable food.

With plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, our menu also always display every the allergens dish by dish. !

Our mix is well balanced in its nutritional, that is carbs, protein and fibers, making it highly digestible!

All the pasta and bread recipes are made “by hand” as all the best Italian Foods and are made mostly with organic flours. 


LEGGERO brings its values around the table creating an awesome food experience for ALL, not just for people on a gluten-free diet or with diet requirements.

Live light eat Leggero!