Why gluten-free? The founders of Leggero were driven by the desire to create a spot where everybody felt welcome to choose everything from the menu without spotting the difference between our handmade dishes and what you would possibly taste in the “Bel Paese”.

The challenge was even harder considering Italy is the country of Gluten, and we are Italians so, for us, Gluten Free Pasta MUST be identical at the Pasta we are used to eat!

Building a team who believed in this “mission” was the next step: young, happy and friendly people willing to make you feel unique is what you now will find at Leggero.

The endorsement by Coeliac Uk, soon arrived leading to an important partnership recognised by the now large

 gluten-free community.


When sitting at Leggero you are really Free!

Whether you are on a gluten-free diet or have some kind of intolerances/allergies or vegan or vegetarian, our chefs have designed a menu able to accomodate your needs.


LEGGERO a destination for foodies. 

Gabriele Vitali

A challenge-lover, Gabriele was a successful city banker until 2013 when he decided to change his career, and driving his enthusiasm on a new exciting journey which led to Leggero.


‘Working for many years in Finance I then decided to start a bold new adventure, many times wondering whether it was the right decision or not... Now I am happy and proud to say it really was. The outcome of this exciting journey is far more rewarding than I would ever expected. Offering customers an enjoyable experience without compromises, it makes all the effort worth’.

Gabriele, founder and CEO at LEGGERO.



Silvio Vangelisti 

Working all his life in Italy, Silvio decided to change his path whilst in London with his wife for holidays… Leaving his job as dental technician, the bet he made with his wife, soon became the challenge driving his life.


“Although it started with a bet, I would have never believed how exciting could be embracing this challenge. A lesson I learned is that starting all over again sometimes it’s worth it”.

Silvio, Co-founder at Leggero


Mario Vaccarone 

M.B.B.S and D.D.S with his own private dental practice in Italy he is the father of Chiara e Serena both living

in UK. He loves his work that "makes people smile”! Optimistic, positive and with a deep passion for food and wine he discovered another way to delight people "and have them to smile back"


“All my family loves Italian food and wines. Few years ago we discovered that Chiara my older daughter  is Coeliac and so we started to explore new kind of foods.

When we met Gabriele, we suddenly realise that eating hand-made gluten-free food free from gluten is actually possible!  As a foodie myself I was happy to find a place where you would not even guess that those beautiful dishes were different from the one we Italians grow up with. 

An idea was born: why not to invest and cooperate with Leggero, without leaving the work I love in Italy, but doing something different which combine my love for food with my aim to make people smile? And here I am.


 Francesco, Store Manager

After been working for 12 years in the hospitality for resorts located all over Europe and North Africa, Francesco decided to stop for a few months in London to make a different experience. He never left again.


“It was just any other day in October 2014 when I popped in what, at that time, was La Polenteria and something made me feel I was in the right place. I embraced the challenge of the founders who slowly but surely made this concept a winning one and together we work to make our customers having a unique experience. Although I loved my previous job, I never looked behind, Leggero to me is not just a job but a mission where my passion and my goals are fulfilled”.


Giuseppe, Head-Chef

Born in Trapani, a well known town in the beautiful island of Sicily, Giuseppe has been working all his life in the Food Industry. Landed in London last year he joined the kitchen team of Leggero.


"London is a massive city plenty of opportunities but when I joined Leggero I realised I would have a  real  great chance to learn and use my creativity with something hard to work on such as the gluten-free flours. Menu after menu we improved the quality of the food we produce making all of us, as a team, proud of what we do and willing to do even better"