Why Leggero?

We are  looking for great partners to join its UK expansion! 

Since its initial opening in London in 2017, Leggero on top of its iconic location in Soho, Old Compton Street, has opened a street food shack at Mercato Metropolitano  and one will be opening in The Upper Place market in Holloway is on its way.

On top of that Leggero has recently created LEGGEROLAB aiming to sell Gluten Free products to other businesses and in the future to the retail market.

Are you keen to join our community? 


LEGGERO has been the first 100% Gluten free Italian restaurant in UK, certified by the Coeliac Association. 

We have developed a huge know how in treating gluten free flours and we are sure our fresh pasta is state of art in terms of texture, flavour and ingredients (we use organic flours!).

The menu offering revolves around the simple yet amazing Italian cuisine classic such as pasta, arancini, bruschetta and dessert, very well known around the world, to which we gave a modern touch to create an unique experience.

All our dishes are daily made.


We also offer plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

About our way:

- Traceability

- Avoid already processed food. 

- No added preservatives 

- Organic flours

- More protein and fibers. 


  • A “unique casual dining” concept

  • Outstanding product quality and value

  • A modern and stylish design 

  • Professional support in location scouting and evaluation

  • Professional support in construction, recruitment and training, marketing and all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure

  • A dedicated marketing team

  • Continuous system improvements

  • A trustworthy and transparent approach to help you out most of all at the initial stage of your path!


We welcome applications from both individuals and teams whose personal qualities are a good match with our value!!

Leggero will charge a monthly flexible fee depending on variables linked to location and turnover!


  The partner is also required to cover a one-time development fee for each restaurant/street food market!