January 19, 2018

Putting pasta back on the plates of gluten-dodgers, Leggero comes fully accredited by Coeliac UK and serves a sophisticated Italian-influenced menu. With a central London spot in Soho as well as a site at Mercato Metropolitano in south London, Leggero's most popular dishes include sandwiches served on foccacia, small plates – including ...

September 25, 2017

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...Inspired by the cooking of both his grandmothers, Gabriele Vitali gave up his job as an investment banker to go into the restaurant business. The result was the UK’s first completely gluten-free Italian restaurant

by The Guardian

Soho’s still got it; its streets are packed with food haunts and drinking spots – and among them is gluten-free gem Leggero. This Italian kitchen recently changed its name from La Polenteria, but its policies on gluten stand resolute – not a crumb enters the building. Quaff a glass of red with cloud-like GF bread and pick out your main – dishes include pink ravioli stuffed with...

Located in the heart of Soho, this friendly, cosy modern Italian — which was once the polenta restaurant La Polenteria –- serves gluten-free versions of traditional dishes. All the vegan items are clearly marked on the menu, and include the likes of freshly baked focaccia with vegetables and vegan cheese, and newly introduced sorghum and hemp basil tagliatelle with pesto, tomatoes and almond flakes...

Our CEO Gabriele Vitali together with Margarita, the amazing founder of the FreeFromFestival were guests of Tony Moore on his show at Soho Radio!. 

May 08, 2017

Formerly La Polenteria, the menu used to be built around polenta - an Italian staple. Now under a new name, Leggero (translating as “of little weight”) has its sights set on an even wider range of Italian cuisine. As the only 100% gluten-free Italian menu in the UK, the owners' aims are to provide an alternative to traditionally gluten-heavy Italian menus.

The homemade tagliatelle dish was fantastic – and served as a generous portion too! I honestly couldn’t tell that the pasta was made with gluten free flour. It this had been a blind taste, I would have guessed that it was regular wheat tagliatelle. By going 100% gluten free, Leggero have not compromised on taste and texture. They deliver authentic Italian flavours, which I am sure is great news to all coeliacs in London....

".. We’re taking a closer look at the most exciting artists, designers, chefs and creatives inspired by Italian style. In 2012, Gabriele Vitali left a job in finance to open his London restaurant Leggero. Since opening under the name of La Polenteria, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength, putting a bold new twist on classic Italian recipes. We spoke to Gabriele about changing direction, viewing food as an art form and the challenges of creating traditional Italian food without traditional ingredients."

January 08, 2020

Everything at this W1D restaurant is gluten-free, but for peak Italian comfort food, it's got to be one of their polenta dishes. You could go for a classic polenta with gorgonzola and walnuts stirred through it, but the polenta gnocchi is a heap of hot, chewy dumplings, porcini, truffle cheese and butter. It really hits that sweet spot where comfort food meets full-on decadence. ​

April 30, 2017

It’s a time for mourning. FoodNoise gluten-free favourite La Polenteria in Soho is no more. The King is dead. But…long live the King. 

Like a phoenix from the flames, La Polenteria has risen and has taken on a new name, created a great new brand but more importantly has retained the healthiest and most delicious 100% gluten free dishes in all of London.

Everyone, say hello to Leggero.

As a Londoner, I am really spoilt for choice when it comes to food. A quick search online shows the amount of restaurants choices there are. 

Leggero is however, something I haven’t tried before – a gluten-free Italian restaurant. My friend was super excited to go to a restaurant that specifically catered for people with gluten, dairy and coeliac intolerances without having to ambush the server with questions and reminders. And Italian at that!

... "A friend of ours found this completely gluten-free restaurant in London, that I obviously HAD to go try! Leggero (recently changed name from La Polentaria) is a totally gluten-free Italian restaurant serving up lots of tasty dishes in Soho.

It was so refreshing to be able to look at a menu and have absolutely no issues with trying to work out what I could eat – I could eat absolutely anything I wanted. It’s an amazing feeling!"...

... "We were impressed that it was not only a 100% gluten free kitchen, but also that there were dairy free options on the menu as well. We also found the service excellent. The staff were able to answer Ray’s queries about the ingredients of certain dishes without having to ask the chef. A rare thing these days. As it was a 100% gluten free kitchen, I felt like a ‘normal’ diner not having to worry about whether there was gluten in the dishes"...

Being 100% gluten free is fantastic. For those that must eat gluten free it is so rare, and such a treat, to look at a menu from which you can have anything and everything. Leggero goes much further than gluten free though. There are dishes suitable for vegans and dishes free from egg, milk, nuts & soy. Leggero very clearly indicates what allergens are present in each dish on their online and in-house menus, making it so easy to see which dishes are suitable. Please, other restaurants reading this, flatter Leggero by imitating this practice.

During my trip to London, Elise and I, we visited a restaurant that I wanted to go since I spotted their yummy food on Instagram: La Polenteria.

La Polenteria is the first 100% gluten free restaurant in London that is also certified by the Ceoliac UK Association and it is specialized in great tasting Italian food.

La Polenteria very proudly describes itself as the first 100% Gluten Free Italian Restaurant in London and is Coeliac UK certified.

La Polenteria is a great friend to the gluten-free community too.  they exhibited at  the Free From Festival at Brick Lane and hosted a panel discussion during Coeliac Awareness Week. in 2016 and also entered and enjoyed a Highly Commended outcome within the 2015 Free From Food Eating Out Awards.For example

It’s fairly evident that more and more restaurants are coming to terms with the value of the ‘free-from pound’. Jenna Farmer looks at how this has manifested itself on the high street… La Polenteria began several years ago  with owner Gabriele Vitali’s desire to bring his beloved polenta to the London restaurant scene.... 

The Italian restaurant is 100% gluten free – music to our ears! No faffing about what we can and can’t eat! Being able to choose anything at all from the menu without lots of questions and worrying about cross contamination is a fantastic feeling! You just feel like “normal” person eating out!...

June 09, 2016

La Polenteria is the first gluten-free Italian restaurant in the U.K. and if you suffer from Coeliac disease, then rest assured, you won’t find any of gluten here. The menu has a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as meat options and states whether dishes contain allergens.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

June 11, 2016

Can I start with a HUGE shout out to La Polenteria (www.lapolenteria). It has long been my fave restaurant but goodness me they are continually upping their game and it's well worth a visit. I loved them in the old daysWhat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

June 29, 2016

... Coming across La Polenteria when walking through SoHo one afternoon, I stopped dead in my tracks and, mesmerised, grabbed my friend by the arm. “Gluten. Free. Italian. Kitchen.” Immediately my thoughts went to all the...

La Polenteria review

The glutenfreeashleigh

May 20, 2016

...The menu was fantastic, and normally I know what I fancy before even entering a restaurant, but I was spoilt for choice! I finally opted for the homemade pasta with smoked ricotta, fresh tomatoes and pine nuts. Charlotte went with the  polenta gnocchi with truffle cheese. We were slightly over excited about bread being available… 

Affari di Gola

Da un paio di anni, chi capita nelle strade affollate del quartiere di Soho, a Londra, può vivere l’esperienza di ritrovare i sapori di casa e il gusto tipico bergamasco in un piccolo ristorante chiamato La Polenteria, che, come dice bene il nome, mette in primo piano (e perfino in vetrina) proprio la polenta e in particolar modo quella tutta orobica di Nicoli.

Lucie loves

April 30, 2016

...La Polenteria is the first Italian restaurant in London which is 100% gluten free. I stumbled across the restaurant during a ‘restaurant googling session’ and was surprised that I hadn’t already heard of them since their ethos was completely in line with mine: healthy is delicious. It is clear from the website that La Polenteria is passionate about creating healthy, gluten free dishes whilst remaining completely authentic to its Italian roots...

London: eat gluten free


April 24, 2016

... So this is it, food history in London peeps : the first Italian restaurant in London that is 100 per cent gluten free... The primary source of most the cuisine here is polenta - which is maize flour / cornmeal. And they twist it to suit a wide variety of dishes ranging from gnocchi to their own take of egg on toast...

La Polenteria offers healthy eating on the move

... La Polenteria brings all the passion of Northern Italian cuisine to the heart of Soho. The recently refurbished restaurant is the first 100% gluten-free Italian kitchen in London, on a mission to show the city that healthy (and gluten-free) does not mean free of flavor....

April 18, 2016

...Last August, I discovered a small and cosy establishment called La Polenteria in the midst of bustling Soho. I loved the service and the interesting flavours and told myself I would come back and try their new spring menu. And whilst London spring has not quite sprung yet, I decided to give it a go nonetheless!

April 07, 2016

... I’m not entirely sure where to start with this one so I’ll just say this – we were VERY impressed with this place. For a start, I tweeted them asking if they could cater to my dietary requirements (as you may know I’m GF, vegetarian and can’t eat alliums due to IBS, which makes life a little tricky at times). They responded almost straight away: (...)


April 10, 2016

...Although the gluten-free scene has no doubt exploded; knowledge and awareness has not. In fact, a recent survey by FATC showed that when using a gluten-free menu, 59% of customers still felt restaurants had poor awareness of cross-contamination. In other words, many restaurants are quick to offer a gluten free menu but less to quick to offer reassurance and the confidence we need to eat out....

Where to Eat in London.... Gluten-free at La Polenteria

March 29, 2016

...Having now been converted to the world of gluten free, I would happily recommend La Polenteria not only to those with allergies but to anyone who simply appreciates the taste of good, hearty, homemade Italian food!...

Italian polenta gets famous in Soho with La Polenteria


March 30, 2016

...Polenta is naturally the biggest protagonist on the menu, but it’s not the only dish included: ravioli and other homemade pasta products, which they make daily, are just some of the many options that patrons of ‘La Polenteria’ can choose from... The entire menu is ‘100% gluten free’...

Glorious guide to gluten-free restaurants

LeBonBon London

March 05, 2016

... La Polenteria is London’s very first 100% gluten-free Italian restaurant. Polenta is a popular dish from North Italy, which La Polenteria incorporate in many exciting, very tasty and healthy dishes. But don’t be mistaken by thinking that the dishes are only savoury, the restaurant also...

La Polenteria, Soho Londra


March 15, 2016

...Situato nel cuore di Soho, “La Polenteria” è il primo ristorante 100% gluten free di Londra. Qui, la buona e sana cucina italiana, originaria del Nord Italia incontra il gusto del cliente internazionale unendo tradizione e storia tipica e locale, alla modernità cosmopolita...

Gluten and Dairy Free London Guide

April 04, 2016

...I love to share information on the best places to eat if your gluten and dairy free so I decided to turn my attention to a gluten and dairy free London. It is here that the free-from scene is really thriving and businesses are starting to listen to what those with allergies, intolerances and coeliacs disease patients really want....

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