LEGGEROLAB is born to serve other businesses and retail with delicious Gluten Free products.


It is the LAB unit of LEGGERO the first 100% Gluten Free Italian restaurant in London and UK.


At LEGGERO we have developed a huge know how in treating Gluten Free flours and our fresh pasta is now state of the art in terms of texture, quality of the ingredients used (organic flours) and flavour.

We are now proud to offer you our range of fresh pasta and ravioli, plus some desserts!!













  • Every ingredient we buy is traceable and all the allergens are clearly labeled!

  • We tend to avoid already processed food. Being Italian, we know how to process food and make it good!

  • Pasta and dessert are handmade in our laboratory!

  • We do not add preservatives or any other not natural thing that alters the taste or artificially increases the best before date!

  • We make our pasta with certified organic flours !

  • The blends are well balanced between carbs and protein and fibers to allow for high digestibility!

  • All our food is suitable for freezing and it lasts one month in the freezer!

  • All our food comes with labels with the list of ingredients, allergens and production date! 

                                           For more infos about prices and other conditions

Please contact: 


                                                Barbara: barbara@leggero-london.com – 07418077562

                                                Gabriele: gabriele@leggero-london.com – 07760102240