LEGGERO is a young and dynamic company; we are a food concept with the ambition to become something more, so we constantly look for people with a “something more” attitude. We love to work with enthusiastic, ambitious individual, keen to bring ideas to improve our working place and team. You will certainly find your very own way to grow up with us.


Be sure you’ll be involved, hands on, in our new-coming projects and you’ll be part of their success!




 The Floor team requires the following from you:


  • Very good spoken English, we need to have not only waiters/waitress but story tellers of our food and philosophy

  • Eagerness to learn about food, wines, communication and more

  • Willingness to work in an happy way making happy our customers, bearing in mind that each customer needs to become a regular customer and should spread the voice how great has been the experience with us 

 So what do We offer You:


  • A friendly and dynamic place to work

  • An opportunity to taste and discover great healthy food

  • Training session for both floor and kitchen position

  • One to one sessions to properly follow up your career growth within Leggero


The Kitchen team requires the following from you:


  • Basic English  

  • Eagerness to learn about gluten free food and willingness to propose ideas and recipes 

  • meticulous in the food preparation 

  • meticulous in the food presentation because each dish is eaten with eyes first 

How do I apply?


Contact us via email, info@leggero-london.com, and submit your CV and details with a short introduction of yourself including your dreams and expectations; alternatively you are more than welcome to call us at 02074343617 to book an interview meeting with our manager.